Short Term Lease Tourist Home


With this lease, the owner rents the cottage and this for a personal vacation only, any other use will automatically cancel this lease without recourse for the tenant. The cardholder authorise the landlord to charge my credit card for the amount of the security deposit or less for any damage or non-respect of the contract.

Terms & Conditions

  • Cancellation Policy 30 days prior to arrival: The deposit is non-refundable, unless the cottage is rented for the same period to another renter, in which case the deposit will be refunded less a cancellation fee of 10% of the total rental cost or $50cdn plus taxes whichever is greater. Less than 30 days to arrival: The deposit is non-refundable. No reduction or refund for late arrivals or early departures.
  • The tenant declares that he has seen the rented cottage and declares to be satisfied.
  • The tenant declares that he is over 21 years of age at the date of signing and to be able to enter in a lease agreement in the province of Quebec.
  • The tenant is responsible for the rented cottage and its content. In addition, he assumes the full responsibility of those to whom he grants access to the cottage. Occupants to whom the tenant permits access must conduct themselves so as not to disturb others residence of the neighborhood in the normal enjoyment of the premises.
  • The tenant declares that he is renting the cottage for personal use and non-business activities (holiday).
  • The tenant is responsible for all costs incurred without any deductions, including the loss of rent, if he uses the cottage rented for purposes other than those mentioned above and its intended use.
  • Under no circumstances can the landlord be held responsible for any damages or losses suffered by the tenant as a result of accidents, delays, costs incurred, injury, death or events resulting from fortuitous events or force majeure and out of the control of the landlord and the landlord will not be subject to claims or court action in respect of such damage or loss.
  • The landlord cannot be held responsible for interruptions beyond their control of services such as electricity, running water and Internet access.
  • The landlord assumes no liability for damage, loss, or theft in respect to any personal belongings of the tenant and his guests.

The tenant agrees to:

  • Upon arrival, the tenant agrees to verify the cottage and advise the landlord of any damage and/or defect.
  • When leaving, the tenant must leave the cottage, land, furniture and accessories in the same condition as they found it and at their initial location. An extra charge will be added to the tenant if the landlord finds that the cleanliness of the cottage is considered unsatisfactory.
  • Not hold any gatherings or party within the rented cottage or the property.
  • To comply with this lease. Failure to comply may result in the cancellation of the lease and a fee being charged; the fee will be at the discretion of the landlord. The breach of lease entitles the landlord to evict the tenant and his guests immediately by terminating this lease. In this case, the landlord will retain any moneys paid and shall exercise all remedies against the tenant if the damage was caused to the leased premises.
  • The use of the furniture and objects furnishing the rented property will only be used for their intended purpose and will remain in their location where they are to be used. It is forbidden to carry them outside the cottage.
  • To notify the landlord, in case of defects and/or breakage of equipment or furniture in the building during the tenant’s stay. Any use or misuse of the building, furniture, equipment or property causing soiled spots, breakage or defects will be repaired or replaced entirely at the expense of the tenant.
  • Not to throw anything in the sinks, laundries, toilets, bathtubs and showers likely to block the drains, otherwise, the expenses to correct the misuse of the  plumbing fixtures and the return to service of the plumbing fixtures, will be solely at the expense of the tenant.
  • To provide access to the site at all times to the landlord or a representative to inspect the premises and to carry out urgent and necessary repairs and to maintain the leased premises and its equipment.
  • To have a least one person age of majority (18 years old) at any time in the presence of minors on the property.
  • Not to allow access to any animals of any species within the leased premises, Animals are prohibited.
  • Not to make fires outdoors with the exception of the outdoor fireplace provided for that purpose. The fire must be completely extinguished if no one will be monitoring the fire and/or left unattended. (departure, night, etc.).
  • The rental is determined by the number of nights that the cottage is used.
  • Garbage should not be stored inside the cottage. It should be placed in the plastic bags and deposited in the black trash bin located outside for this purpose. The property must be free of residue and should be kept clean (bottle, cap, plastic, etc.). Recyclable materials must be deposited in the green bin.
  • Not to smoke inside the rented cottage. The cottage is officially “non-smoking”.
  • Doors and windows should be locked when the cottage in unattended and when leaving at the end of the stay.

The landlord agrees to :

  • Keep in force during the rental period the minimum insurance required by the law.
  • Deliver the cottage in good condition, that is to say clean and maintain the equipment in good working order.
  • Ensure that safety devices are in good working condition, smoke detection, fire extinguisher, life jackets (summer).
  • Inform the tenant if, for any reason, the landlord is unable to rent the cottage to the tenant for the dates agreed and committed to. To either grant the tenant a credit valid for any other rental period available and of similar duration, or to refund the deposit or rental amount if paid in full. No additional amount for loss or damage shall be claimed in any manner whatsoever from the landlord.